home bound


I think I've got a bad-day hangover. Yesterday, a little someone got sent to the Principal's office. His offense was minor but he'd been repeatedly warned. Then an out-of-control afternoon followed, leading to the loss of books at bedtime AND four days of his rationed "computer privileges." Oh, boy. It's all made me really want to hold him tight and keep him snuggly close today. The weather is suddenly getting wintry, and we're packing it in for a long weekend. Chili is simmering, cornbread will soon be baking, tasty adult beverages are at hand. There's bacon and whole wheat pancake mix and coffee to be ground for the morning. Sunday, some lovely ladies will be coming over for a visit and I'm planning to make this cake. And what do you know? An extra day off Monday. (I think I can cram a little studio time in there too!) It's all just the cure I need. Wonderful weekends to you all. p.s. This is De-Lurking Week. So go ahead. Say hello. Ok?