rockets and trucks

My J is having a birthday tomorrow. I was trying to explain to him this morning that his birthdays are nearly as important to me as to him, because it's the day I became a Mommy. But he can't fathom that now. He's too busy; his mind is a blur of rockets and monster trucks and trains that make smoke. He's a little boy and he's almost 6.He requested a travel cushion similar to one his sister has but with a rocket with smoke (of course!). He wanted it to look like, and I quote, "the rocket that the monkey went up into space in." Alright, then. I went with the Saturn V. rocketpillow.JPG The tan square is a pocket and the back is made from a thrifted men's shirt. I'm going to tuck a comic book and a few action figures in there to complete the gift. This was so fun to make. No planning was necessary really, just cutting and ironing and stitching. There was no cussing or seam ripping involved. It all just sort of fell into place. Although there was a lot of this, "Mom, can I come in there yet?" Oh, yes. I almost forgot. Look where he wants to go this weekend instead of having a big birthday party. Good grief. ** added: Some of you have asked about how I assembled the rocket. I cut out all of the shapes, used Pellon Wonder-Under to fasten them all down into place, and then zig-zagged (tight and wide) along the edges. I've done this a hundred times before on little patches, but never on something this complicated. I'd have to say it was still a breeze. And Hannah, I like to call it the POOR-man's serger. : ) **