a twofer

:: The boy's table ::blastoff.JPG :: The girl's table :: girlstable.JPG My kids' birthdays are nine days apart (+4 years) so they share a family party. It's a lot less work and travel for all. At one end of the house was the girlie tea party table, at the other was the space adventure table. After singing to J, everyone filtered through the kitchen to the dining room to sing to N. Both kids had a great time running crazy with their cousins and opening all the loot. There are more pictures of the party here. (Thanks for coming, my sweet family!) It was quite the birthday extravaganza weekend. Yes, J and two of his buddies, Daddy and Da all enjoyed the Monster Truck Jam. We'll have a special dinner on N's actual birthday and maybe something sweet for desert, then we're taking a rest. Phew.