dipu push

Translation: Diaper pursediaper bag.JPG I made this tiny diaper bag for N's birthday gift. I have to admit, there were selfish motivations at work for this bag. Not only has she been enjoying it for days, it also gives us a place to stash all her babies' bottles, spoons, bowls and bibs come the end of a day. She received a lot of baby care items for Christmas and her birthday, and I'm dog tired of hunting them all down every morning. I also intended to make her some reusable diapers like these, but ran out of time. I still will- maybe at nap time today. My little mama spends a lot of her day caring for her babies- wiping bottoms, feeding, giving baths, pushing them in the stroller. It's hard work, you know, taking care of kids. Yup. You probably know.