she's brilliant

For a swap I'm doing with a new friend:olivearchie.JPG That Hillary, she's something else! The design is simple and adorable, the pattern and directions are clear and easy to follow, and the whole idea behind selling the pattern instead of the doll- so brilliant. And the freebies get you (or keep you) hooked plus there will be more accessories and friends- oh good grief. Hillary, it's a stroke of crafty genius. Thank you. If you'd like to flip through a whole slew of these cuties click here. Wait. One more thing. I really want to thank you all for the kind words about my rant. The bird painting is starting to grow on me just a little and I'm actually considering framing it up and keeping it. (Sorry, Foffie, I'll paint you another.) I'm trying to make some attitude adjustments regarding my own work, so thank you again. I've decided maybe even if I don't adore my own stuff, I'll just lift up my chin and fake it. Then maybe I'll forget the faking-it part and some real confidence will grow.