february first

outside.JPGFebruary is difficult. The bustle of the holidays is over, the birthdays have passed, and the cold and gray seem to seep into my bones. I know I have a hard time every February too, so the anticipation makes it even worse. I try to stay optimistic, but I can already feel the funk creeping in. I was going to take the month off from this site and Brian talked me out of it. (wow.) He thinks maybe it isn't smart to stop doing something that helps keep me busy right at a time that I'm feeling so uninspired, right when I might need it most. He's right. Instead I am going to try to post every day this month. Many days may just be a photo, because you see, it's February and I'm in a funk and there's not so much going on. Oh, right. I already said that. At any rate, you'll be hearing and seeing a lot from me.