groundhog day

Well, my critters saw their shadows this morning, but Phil didn't. I'm sticking with Phil's forecast.cold 1.JPG cold 3.JPG I like to spend time outside everyday, even if just a half hour in the back yard. I can tell the kids feel better too if they get a little time to breath good air and blow off steam. But today the high is 17º F, which is entirely too few. Trying to take a photo of Pete and his shadow, we were out for about 10 minutes. He tried to sniff, tinkle, eat something gross (the things dogs do best) all while attempting to keep at least a foot or two off the freezing ground. He was pretty pitiful dancing around and limping, the poor thing. So back inside are we. I've got a good size stack of WIP's in here in the studio and we're going for take two of the Get-Together Sunday, so there will be some inside activities to keep me busy. Plus J has informed me he wants to fix breakfast tomorrow for us all. by. himself. {Smile.} I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend too! See you tomorrow.