nice, nice

table3.JPGThe weather cooperated this time around, and all these ladies came over this evening: Estea, Laura, Jenny, Amy, Lori, and Michelle. The food was all super, the company even better. We talked and ate and LAUGHED and traded fabric ( Jenny brought tons- We scored BIG time!) and ate some more and laughed some more. Oh, these ladies. I swear we could all be friends anyway, but isn't it strange and fun that our little crafty websites brought us together? At the very last minute as we were all hanging out by the door and Jenny had already gone, we realized we didn't take any pictures! A few were quickly snapped, but this is all I got. I'm hoping one of the other ladies got some good ones. Thanks, girls. I had such a nice evening. You are all so fun and sweet and we need to do it again soon. SOON. And thanks for the fabric, especially you, Jenny. That was seriously generous. With all this I'll be busy for months. The ideas are already rattling around in my head. Have a wonderful week, everyone. Joining in with Amanda and company, I'll just be posting photos for a few days. Take care.