one more reason to keep him

I have this incredible husband. More than incredible. He's a great father and my best friend. And get this ladies, he helps around the house. But there's another reason he is so great: he can do anything.He makes most of our money, he is an environmental activist, he remodels our home, and he fixes appliances. A couple of months ago our clothes dryer stopped heating. He fiddled around on the internet, found information and part numbers, replaced some stuff and Bingo! It's drying again. A few weeks later the washing machine started leaking. The tub kept filling up with water even when it was off. So he did that internet thing again and he replaced some valve, and what do you know? It's fixed too. These are just a couple of examples- He's always doing, making, repairing something. I ask and he says, "Add it to the list!" Now I'm not helpless. I'd almost call myself "handy", but I intimidate easily. This man is fearless. He just figures out what needs to be done and does it. So now we get to the real reason for this post. Our little N got all kinds of kitchen items (food, pots and pans, utensils) for Christmas and her birthday. I decided she needed a kitchen. I looked around and there are plenty of cute ones out there, but not exactly what I had in mind. This is what I wanted. Amanda showed that kitchen for her very first Corners of our Home post. I showed that picture to Brian and here is what I'm looking at this morning: kitchen.JPG oven door.JPG Click on either picture to see it a little larger or here to see a close-up. It's made entirely from salvaged or scrap materials. The ONLY things he didn't dig up in our basement or the scrap metal pile at his store are the two cabinet doors (bought at ReStore) and two bolts with nuts (bought at our neighborhood hardware store). I'm amazed. I painted it white (with paint we already had, of course) an off she cooks. Handmade and well made from materials that would have otherwise been trash- Wow. Isn't it cute? Brian plays it cool, but he's proud. After one of the MANY times she has said, "Thank you, Daddy" he said, "Maybe she'll want to give it to her daughter someday." See why I want to keep him around?