carb loading

We have temporarily* taken over the care and feeding of my parents' bread maker. My mom has always made homemade bread and I have a few times, but I've never been very good at bread. I'm easily distracted or I get bored and end up botching the rising time. We've really been enjoying this machine. Last night we experimented with the delay setting and woke up this morning to the smell of a loaf of warm, fresh wheat bread.wheatbread.JPG We've been eating our weights in bread, which by the way, may be increasing rapidly. We've made cinnamon raisin bread, dough for the BEST cinnamon rolls and several loaves of the whole wheat pictured with my lunch here. I know it's not exactly the same, this new fangled machine-made bread, but the ingredients are the same. It makes me feel good knowing that we did make it at home. Now, to test out my mom's French press coffee pot thingy. Living so close to my parents definitely has its advantages. *definition of temporarily: until she stomps up to my door and says, "Give me my bread maker back."