what she wore and what he did

At the risk of turning this place into the What She Wore Today Show, you HAVE to see what she wore today.sweater2.JPG My new friend Jennifer made this sweater. Isn't it amazing?! She made a similar one for her daughter and I raved about it, and her daughter really wanted the Olive and Archie dolls, so we arranged a swap. It really deserves a skirt and some tights, but I couldn't wait that long to show you all. Jennifer is so talented, makes all kinds of things, knits, and her photographs- even the everyday snapshots- are just beautiful. Thank you, dearest. We absolutely love it!

And you'll never believe what Brian did this time. He spent the evening Tuesday switching from garage to laptop, laptop to garage, then after a quick trip to the auto supply place and then back to the garage, he replaced the brakes on his car! And mind you, before this he knew nothing about brakes. I told him to drive slowly the first day, just to be sure. *wink* He told me he had to do it himself because, "Mama needs a new camera." I LOVE THIS MAN. I'm pretty sure it's either this one or this one. A little help? Please?