the moms had fun too

Today? Today was a nice day. Amy and Laura came over with their kiddos for a little visit this morning. They played together nicely, and the moms gabbed and drank coffee. Well, Laura sipped her tea. She also brought gluten-free Madeleines. Very very tasty. I wish Amy lived here. We seem to have a lot in common. Hear that, Amy? If you ever get a hankering to move back to Kansas City, you just pack up and do it. Ok? And speaking of Amy (and all the Smocket love) don't forget to go visit her and tell her thanks. It's her pattern after all. : ) Thanks, Amy. For the pattern, for the visit, for the little fabric coaster. All three lovely.cutekids.JPG Here are Bea and Darwin hanging out in the living room. Aren't they cute? N spent most of the morning glued to my hip. Later in the day she kept telling me her mouth hurt. I got to thinking maybe she was getting a sore throat. Great. Invite some friends over and infect them. That's a little too friendly. But after a huge crabby fit with Grandma I got to poking around in her mouth. All four two year molars are just barely poking through. Awwwwww- Baby N. I'm sorry, my love. One more day, folks. Then I'm taking a break. But do come back tomorrow to see MY new Smocket. Goodnight!