february twenty-eighth

It's the end of February, and I did it. I posted every single day this month. I hope you found a few interesting things thrown in there. Helping me through this dismal time of year, you have been the light at the end of my tunnel. It seems that Spring may actually be just around the corner, and and I am feeling thankful. I am thankful that Spring will arrive and show me the wonder of the cycle of life and the beauty of renewal. I am thankful for my amazing little family. And I am thankful for all of you and the flattering comments you leave. Really. Thank you.Posting every day has me feeling a little too glued to the computer, so I think I'll take a little blog break for a week or so. I'm anxious to start learning the ins and outs of my new camera (it should be here today or tomorrow), read a little bit, and spend some quality time with my babies. I'm sure I'll be posting way too many pictures on Flickr, so please come visit me there. kangaroo smocket.JPG kangaroo smocket back.JPG I leave you with a few images of my very own Smocket. Click on them to view them larger. It's one thickness of lightweight denim with bound edges. I used the same fabric combo on the patchwork kangaroo pocket that I used on the smaller version. I hoped it might be stylish enough to be worn as a shirt, but though I do like it, it's feeling a little boxy and apron-ish for me. So I think I have a sharp new around-the-house smock . Take care, everyone. I'll be back soon!