jumping the gun

crops.JPGIs it too early for this? Are we supposed to wait until after Memorial Day or something? Well, I don't care. I'm so anxious for Spring, that I dressed us both in crops for today's 60-ish degree day. We have planned an impromptu girls-only trip to Texas to see my sister-in-law and her family. Little N, Maw Maw and I are hitting the road next week, which means my blog break may last longer than planned. If you don't hear from me again before we leave, visit me over at Flickr. I'm having a GRAND time with the new camera and just as I suspected I would, I'm uploading way too many photos. It's already full-blown Springtime in Dallas, so there will be plenty to photograph (yipee!), and they live near an IKEA. Trouble, I tell you. Trouble. I hope this entry finds everyone in good spirits and health. Take care, everybody!