hello! are you still there?

Hello, friends! I hope you're doing well.yellowflowers.JPG We had a wonderful trip to Texas. It was so relaxing and the three girls, my two nieces and little N, played splendidly together. Splendid. The new word of choice thanks to my (almost) three year old niece. I took about 125 pictures and that didn't include the ones I deleted on the spot. I've put just a few up over at Flickr. And IKEA? All I can say is we need one in Kansas City. Or in St. Louis. I could live with that. The photograph above is one of my favorites from the trip. I took the girls on a short walk to the neighborhood park one morning. It had recently rained, and the sky was sort of bright but overcast and oooo, the flowers looked so vibrant and well, splendid. I'm ready to get back to this site now. I've got a few small swaps to finish up and a couple of gifts to work on, so I may even have few arty things to share. And our yard is waking up. I think I'll spend the day tomorrow raking and digging and sprucing. It's time to get my hands dirty. Maybe I'll share a little of that too. We'll visit soon, my friends. Take good care!