how it went down

Remember a few posts ago, when I was ticking out my list of things to do, I mentioned that I wanted to make new pillow covers? Pretty Springtime ones. Right. Something bad happened.pillows1.JPG So, I'm riffling through my fabrics trying to decide on some colors and patterns looking for that perfect combo. Oh, this floral is good. Nice colors. It'll go with the yellow walls and the couch. La de da... Hum de dum... I look for some more fabrics to go with it, because they can't all be the same. Duh. I decide on another floral fabric- the yellow. Hmmmm. That's kind of a lot of floral. I better find something a little more plain and masculine. Doo de doo... Oh, I could use one of those men's shirts I got at the thrift store and do that shirt back trick from before. I find a nice mustard and tan one, lightweight brushed cotton, just right. I start cutting and piecing and sewing. This shirt is perfect. Abercrombie? I don't remember those shirts being good brand name ones. Oh, well. La de da... these are looking pretty good. And it's going quick. Hey look- there are those new shirts that Brian wanted me to shorten the sleeves of... Hum dee dum... we should do that this weeke... INSERT RECORD SCRATCH HERE. Oh, crap. I didn't. D'oh! I did. I cut up his new shirt for pillowcases! Granted it was thrifted too. But it was nice, looked good on him, and fit well (except the sleeves.) lounger1.JPG Actually the pillows do look cheerful, and someone seems happy with them. I love you, honey. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I swear I didn't do it on purpose. Excuse me, friends. Gotta go. I have to Google some good crow recipes now. (Seriously, have a great weekend, everyone!)