life and life lessons

We're plugging away around here trying our best to enjoy as much of this ride as we can. I'd like to say THANK YOU for all of the kind comments you leave. Keep 'em coming! But forgive me if I don't answer as many or I leave fewer for you than I have been. It's just life getting in the way, and that's a good thing. Spending too much time staring at glowing screens can make a girl's eyes hurt, you know?butterfly1.JPG Tuesday we delivered a newborn rabbit to a wildlife rescue facility. His brothers and sisters met a brutal fate thanks to the neighbors' cat, and we just didn't have the heart to leave him for the same. Then yesterday we found this flightless fellow on our patio with an injured wing. Surely he'll die too, perhaps become a meal for a bird. So it goes. Needless to say, we have been discussing life and death. A lot. What else have we been up to? Baking. Listening to thunder storms. Learning addition and subtraction. Digging in the dirt. Dancing. Hanging out with friends. Playing outside. Making stuff. for colette.JPG These are for our newest friend, Colette. The booties are from this free pattern, and the bib inspired by my incredibly productive and talented friend, Lori. I hope to be back (in moderation of course) next week. Have a wonderful weekend!