load number one

What simple (and dorky) things I wanted for Mother's Day: My breakfast on the patio was yummy. And I asked for a clothesline. We were planning on building a wooden one but hadn't come across the right scraps of lumber. My mom gave us two old clothesline poles she's not using, so Brian put them in the ground for me this morning and I strung the line soon after. This solution was easier though not quite as pretty. But REUSE (n.), baby. It's a good thing.load3.JPG load2.JPG I'm not kidding myself that I'll line dry all of our clothes. A few loads a week is all I'm shooting for to save a little energy and money. But really, it was so enjoyable that I don't think it will be difficult. Hanging a basket of wet laundry on a warm breezy morning while the kids holler and run through the sprinkler. Ahhhhh. Now it's time for an iced coffee in the shade. **quick update: It took me about 20 minutes to download those pictures from my camera and write this little entry. I took my coffee out to watch the clothes blow around and they were already dry! **