the kindness of bloggy peeps

wormandcushion.JPGThis inchworm is from Laurie of Old School Acres who makes incredible felt creatures. Isn't he adorable? In person he's even better with the tiniest, most even little hand stitches. Eeeek! She also sent me the little pincushion and beaded pins, which totally make me feel better about giving the inchworm away. I had someone in mind when I asked about him, and she offered to send him to me just out of the kindness of her heart. And look at this. Gwen made these t-shirts for her friend who studies Mayflies. And she made an extra just for me! Just because she's so super cool like that! I still owe Gwen a postcard of something I snatched up from one of her Great Monday Give-Aways. I think it has been over a year ago that I promised I would send it. I still will- I swear. mayflytee.JPG Thanks, you lovely creative ladies. The kindness of you artsy bloggy peeps continues to amaze me. THANK YOU!