wip: one big job

When I pondered having kids, I never even considered that I'd be a stay-at-home mom. After an evening with a calculator, pencil and paper we decided it wasn't financially worth it for me to stay at a job about which I felt luke warm at best. So after my son was born, I reluctantly quit my job.icecream1.JPG It was tough for awhile, but six years have passed, and I am thoroughly enjoying our simple life. So we may not be able to take fancy trips; we take camping trips instead. We don't drive new cars; our trusty little wagon suits me fine, thankyouverymuch. We are on a strict budget in all areas. (Shhhhhh- I have never even once ordered fabric online and the only Japanese craft book I have ever laid my hands on was through inter-library loan. I use almost all thrifted and salvaged supplies and what I do buy new, I always buy with a coupon.) Of course I get envious, but I also feel lucky. I'm older and wise enough to know that it's pointless to try to keep up with others. The truth is I'm very happy with the sacrifices we've made. The sacrifice is what keeps it all so simple. My good friend Penny (who works part time from home) once told me that she had never had a job like parenthood before, one that seemed so small yet was actually so large in scale. Absolutely true. We've proven to ourselves that we can live small but well, even save a fair amount for the future, on one modest income. I'm blessed that I'm able to make this choice right now. sandy1.JPG As time slips along and I feel my focus ever so slowly shifting away from the kids and back to myself, I know that I will eventually want to work more than I currently do or maybe even go back to school. But right now I feel an overwhelming contentment. Now is now. Isn't it? My work in progress today seems to just be life with kids. Outside of the ever-present snapping camera, there hasn't been much time recently for creativity. Maybe next week. Right now I'm going to go tidy up the kitchen- Brian's parents are coming tomorrow. Then I'm going outside for awhile to enjoy the beautiful weather. Happy weekend, all!