no big plans

trellis1.JPGpurplebloom1.JPG I pulled over and took pictures of this trellis/arbor/entry gate on the back way to the grocery. Amazing! Gardening friends, is this wisteria? Whatever it is, I LOVE it and want some. Abrupt topic change: It feels good to have a weekend with NOTHING planned. No ball games or practices. No parties. The only possibilities looming on the horizon include gardening but only if the weather is good. Fishing with Papa but only if the weather is good. Vodka tonics on the patio... but only if the weather is good! So what happens if the weather isn't good? Sleeping in. Coffee. Cinnamon rolls. Crossword puzzles. Sewing. (J has a project he's been working on too.) Teacher gift making. Reading. Vodka tonics in the family room. So some of these things may happen. Or not. Fine by me. (Except for the little teacher gifts- they have to get done.) For the next few days we're just going to play it by ear and relax.

Oh, yes. One last thing, WOO HOO for summer!