quick trip

centerpiece1.jpgcake1.JPG Brian's sister Kim finished up her Bachelor of Social Work degree this Spring and we dashed off Friday to St. Louis for her graduation party. It was more of a family reunion of sorts- with a large turnout from both sides of Brian's family. Such a busy, busy, fun weekend. And congrats, Kim! (I think in all the commotion I forgot to tell you.) winery1.JPG winery2.JPG We rushed home Sunday, leaving one kid behind in St. Louis, stopping only briefly for a leg stretching walkabout at a Missouri vineyard. Maw Maw and Da (Brian's parents) will return our boy tomorrow when the St. Louis clan comes here for the annual Royals vs. Cardinals extravaganza. I'm sure he'll be full of custard and will have watched plenty of trains go by. Lucky boy. Family is good.