little big girl room

I've been working on putting my daughter's big girl room together. (Well, bigger girl room. She's still just a smidge of a thing.) Here's a little tour. It's a very short tour; it's a very small room. She doesn't even have a closet. It is in the hallway outside her door.Click on these images to see them larger. bed1.JPG The bed was mine when I was little. I painted the little birds above the bed for her nursery. I really wanted to make her a quilt, but alas it isn't happening. So the plan changes- Ikea duvet for the big bed, a quilt for her doll bed. cubes1.JPG dresser1.JPG These cubes on the left came from the JC Penney catalog when I was about ten years old, and my dad and I assembled them to make a window seat for my room. They are on their fourth life- first the seat, then a television stand in college, then a changing table for both my babies, now shelves for N's room. My best furniture purchase of all time. The repainted dresser belonged to Brian's mom and her sister when they were tiny. flags1.JPG I've seen these flags floating around crafty blog wonderland for quite awhile, but it wasn't until I saw them in Grace's daughter's room that I decided she might need some. Of course she does! mobile1.JPG And I just didn't have the heart to take down her crib mobile. So it stays. That's it. It's an itty bitty room for my itty bitty big girl. And all potty trained now too. Sigh. Where does the time go? Added 7/14/07: Several people have asked about her wall color. It is a Home Depot custom color match of a nice light grayish mint green. If you're interested in the formula look HERE.