As requested by Emily, 7 Random Things about me:

**me in my new beach-worthy top**

One: I had never eaten (thanks to my dear mom) a Pop Tart when I went away to college. So of course I lived on them for a couple of years. And now if I even see one, it makes me gag a little. Two: I once wore Paul Newman's nightshirt. I worked at a dry cleaners in high school for a little bit and he was in town filming a movie. His assistant brought in his laundry and I put on the nightshirt. Over my clothes, of course! I was unprofessional, but not THAT unprofessional. Three: I love all kind of rodents and bugs. Ants, worms, bats, spiders, caterpillars, mice, etc- I find them all very fascinating. But if I see a cockroach it sends me running and squealing like a little girl. Four: We had a car accident (just a fender bender) on the way home from our wedding. When we got out of the car still in our formal wear, a sweet lady came out of a nearby store to see if we were alright. She asked, "Awww... are you on your way to prom?!" Um, we looked just a little young. Five: When I was 15, I spent two weeks with a friend sailing around the Virgin Islands on a 45 ft. sailboat with a friend of her dad's and his girlfriend. It was The Trip of a Lifetime. I still think about it often. Six: What's my ultimate favorite junk food? Funyuns. No doubt about it. Seven: I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I'll cry at the drop of a hat and when I'm happy, I'm really happy. And I think because it is so hard for me to hide how I feel, I am a terrible liar. My children are exactly the same way.

** the top is made from a thrifted straight skirt that I stole was given to me by my mom. I thought it would be cuter as a little halter shirt using the same method as the pillow case pj's. I do believe it's downright beachy.**