it was all good in florida

lowtide1.JPG•low tide• seaoats1.JPG •sea oats• turtle1.JPG •we watched a nest of sea turtles hatch• moss1.JPG •hanging moss• aliigator1.JPG •alligators- viewed safely from a boat• umbrella1.JPG •a rainbow umbrella• swimsuit1.JPG •hunting for shells• stripey2.JPG •a hermit crab he named stripey• Even more photos here. So many- I'm sorry. It's too hard to whittle them down! It was all so good that we didn't want to come home. The only bummer was my sweet mom, who planned and (ahem) made the trip possible, developed a herniated disc a few weeks before we left and spent most of the trip hobbling around in pain. She was a real trooper and tried so hard not to complain. Mom and Dad, thank you. It was all just so perfect.