I'd rather be at the beach

shellnecklace1.JPGI'm missing it terribly. I am trying to add some CAPTCHA code to my comment fields here on the weblog. Please excuse the bumpy ride. It's down there, but it isn't working. I hope it isn't keeping any real comments from coming through. Why? When I got back from vacation I had over 1200 junk comments to wade through. In the hour and a half this morning that I spent trying to add a free plug-in and code I downloaded, I got 18. It's terribly annoying and I know nothing about html. I'm bumbling through it all with only the help of my fabulous web hosting company- ICDSoft. They're nothing but helpful but it's not exactly their job to write code for me. Sigh. I think now I have to go and undo all I've done this morning. And call a friend who knows about this stuff. Michael? Are you out there? Right now though, I'm packing us up and going to the pool, where I can pretend I'm still looking out at the sea. ** I undid what I did earlier and everything should be back to normal. Please forgive me while I figure this all out. **