starting again

toschool.JPGSchool started yesterday. My son will now be gone all day. I find myself swinging between sheer excitement over more free time and sadness over not seeing him enough. We're looking for our footing with the new routine and I really want to make our home as tidy and streamlined as possible, which just isn't always possible with two small children. But I sure am trying! Life feels like one unsteady marathon of finding your footing sometimes, doesn't it? daisies1.JPG It's still very hot outside- and humid too. When we go outside we move in slow motion. But inside I'm stuck on fast-forward. Cleaning and purging once again. How does all this make its way here? And I'm making lists like mad. Lists of books to read. Lists of errands to run. Lists of things to research. Projects to start. Projects to finish. Goals to accomplish. Sheesh. There's always so much to think about. It gets exhausting. I've got some computer projects to work on and little gifts to make. I'll be posting just photos next week so I can concentrate on them and finally call them done. The photos will be inspired by the idea behind this book I saw over at Shari's. It looks so beautiful. I requested it via interlibrary loan yesterday. I hope it comes quickly. Life IS art. Yes. That's the thing right there, isn't it? I SWEAR I will find some of it under all this clutter. : ) Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!