the new shop


Yes, yes! Some of you figured it out. I am throwing my hat in the ever-expanding ring of handmade goodness at Etsy. First up- a small group of Simple Birds, some Little Girlie Purses and a few other things I hope to pull together before the opening. I am excited to sell my artwork at an established online location yet at a pace I set for myself. So mark the date: Monday, October 1. Come over and visit me that day, if only to give me a virtual pat on the back. I've also been tinkering with my website in general. I'm not done over there yet (html is hard and makes my eyes cross), but go take a look. These are my first steps towards my new professional goal: BE an artist. I guess it is really time to take a deep, calming breath and face my fear of mediocrity head on. Wish me luck!