wedding photographer for a day

wed2.jpgA few months ago my friend Randy called to ask if I'd consider photographing a wedding. The bride was a good friend of his and was trying to put together a lovely wedding on a shoestring budget. "Of course!" I said. (Anything for Randy, who by the way, planned, cooked and served all the incredible food that day. WOW!) We agreed on a very modest price, and a few weeks ago I played the roll of wedding photographer for a day. I even took control at posed, group-shot time hollering out things like, "Let's get one of the bride and all her men... Groomsmen?! Where have all my groomsmen gone?" Heeee! wed1.jpg wed3.jpg wed5.JPG wed6.jpg By the end of the evening, I was completely smitten with the couple and felt honored to have such an intimate role in their life-changing day. Aren't they the sweetest little family you've ever laid your eyes on? wed4.jpg wed7.jpg wed8.jpg I took all the traditional shots but also hoped to capture the small details that made the wedding feel so special. Would I like to do this for a living? NO WAY. But it was truly a such special treat on that beautiful afternoon.
Oh, and I saw the bride at a party Saturday night. She loved the photos. Big smile from me.