my office mate

spider1.JPGSpiders are amazing creatures aren't they? So patient. For three days I watched her out the studio window as I sat mesmerized by my glowing computer screen. Occasionally gazing out to clear my head, I'd admire her calmness. She'd endlessly wait for a snack to become entangled in her web. Twice I saw her pounce, wrap and return to her post. She was beautiful, huge and dark. All spiders are female to me- I have Charlotte to thank for that. Finally, I went out Wednesday evening to take her photograph. When I returned yet again to the computer yesterday with a migraine that wouldn't quit, she was gone. And I was sad. And my head hurt. I hope she went to find a more lucrative location, but I fear she became a snack for a bird herself. Her web was awfully exposed, stretching precariously between the low branches of two trees. abandoned1.JPG I also found this abandoned web on our front porch Wednesday. I struggled to get a nice shot of it, and in the end I had to wait too. The setting sun was all it took. Thank you, by the way, for your wonderful messages of late. I'm so very busy working on a website and painting murals right now; I'm desperately behind on answering emails and comments. But I do thank you. You make this all worthwhile. Have a wonderful weekend! May we all find a little time to relax.