nosy bloggy stuff

Hello and happy Monday, friends! We had a good weekend, worked some and played some, and the weather turned cool. We broke out the jackets and a blanket for the couch and baked banana bread. It's warm again today, balmy but the wind is strong and feels different. Autumn is coming.falliscoming1.JPG bananabread.JPG I was tagged by Ali for this nosy meme. It's really interesting to me to learn this information about other bloggers, so here's the scoop on me: 1. Do you promote your blog? Yes. Sort of. I'll explain. I always had a link to my murals on my weblog but not the other way around. I felt like there was no need for my clients to know so much about me. But recently I've consciously been taking a turn toward more assertive self-promotion as an artist, which is SO HARD for me. I feel strongly that life is the core of my art and photography. All of it is who I am. So when I reworked my main web page, I bit the bullet and linked to it all. Lately I've been spreading the word about my main site more among my friends too as a way of advertising my services, therefore more of them are finding out about the blog. 2. How often do you check hits? At least once a day. Usually at the end of the day before I go to bed. If there's an unusually high number of hits, I'll look into who came from where. This can be totally addictive and at times a little spooky, so I really try to limit myself. 3. Do you stick to one topic? Of course! Me. And my art and craft and photography. And my life and family. Boring stuff like that. ; ) 4. Who knows that you have a blog? Pretty much everyone now. I went to a mural estimate recently and the client asked me all about my Etsy shop. (Excellent.) 5. How many blogs do you read? Too many. I subscribe to 74 feeds in Bloglines, but some of them are foodie sites and some are sites like Whip Up, which are just impossible to read everyday. 6. Are you a fast reader? Yes, thankfully. But the thing that has made it all much more speedy lately is that I'm commenting less. It is so freeing to just pipe up about things that really strike a chord with me instead of feeling so obligated to comment on each entry I read. 7. Do you customize your blog or do anything technical? Why yes, yes I do. I build it all by hand using the free version of Moveable Type for the weblog and the free software Nvu for the main website. And I am darn-tootin' proud of myself even though html makes my head ache and my eyes bug out. 8. Do you blog anonymously? No. I use my my real name, just not my last name. I use the kids' first initials instead of their names just to make myself feel a bit safer, though I doubt it would make much difference if someone really wanted to hunt us down. Really, I think it is terribly easy to find out anything you want about anyone you want to so the small things I do to protect them are probably all just for my peace of mind. 9. To what extent do you censor yourself? Um, quite a bit. I try to keep this place positive. No one's life is as pretty and happy as they make it seem on their website; I just don't like to bitch and moan here. Usually. I struggle with a touch of depression especially in the winter months, so this is a good way for me to find some beauty and happiness in the everyday. I also don't like to talk politics or religion here. We have different views on these things as even some of our close friends and family, so what's the point. Let's embrace the differences, people. We're all really our own brand of crazy, aren't we?! 10. The best thing about blogging? The part I just said about finding beauty in my everyday life, and OF COURSE all of the real life friends I have made. (Hey girlies, how are you, sweeties?) So that's it. If you made it this far, you are nosy. Wink, wink. I won't officially tag anyone, but feel free if it floats your boat too.