with the good, the bad

** the good **Friday night pizza with friends and a quick walk through the art fair. A sudden downpour that makes us run for the car, whooping and laughing the whole way. (fun for us, but maybe not so much for the artists.) Painting Saturday for the sweetest clients ever- I'm working on the inside of a playhouse. It's going to be SO cute! I'll post pictures when it's done. A little yard work before dinner. A sputnik fire to celebrate the last day of summer. ** the bad ** Little N gets tangled in her tiny lawn chair, does a face plant onto the patio, develops a huge goose egg on her forehead and scares us all royally. (she's just fine now.) Waking up early Sunday with ANOTHER raging migraine, which is unscathed by a fancy migraine pill. Packing up the family to take Mom to urgent care. A shot in the butt of something that doesn't help much, but that makes me sleepy enough to keep more fancy migraine medicine down. Missing valuable mural painting time sick in bed. (It's been an unusually bad migraine month for me.) This is the one I really hate: I'm going to have to push back the shop opening. The new date is Thursday, October 18. As soon as I committed myself to the first date, my time filled up with painting jobs. (Yay and Oy!) I have realized after studying my calendar that there is just no way to finish it all in time. I can't pass the murals by when they appear; they're too unpredictable. That's the beauty of being in control of your own online shop, right? ** and to end with more good ** mushrooms1.JPG When I squatted down to take the photo, I half expected a little elf to scurry off. Happy Autumn, everyone! Well, or Spring- depending on where you are. ; ) Here's to the good outweighing the bad!