hey, alicia. where ya been?

Oh, Internet. No, we're not breaking up. I just have been too busy to hang out. What's so important that I've neglected you so? Well. Let's see...Painting the inside of a playhouse. Here's a peek. I've been there every free minute for a few weeks. Good things these clients live close. I have a feeling photos aren't going to do this little room justice. It might just end up pretty darn cute. peekin.JPG Redesigning this website. You like? (please say yes. please say yes.) I used to work for that company way back when. Now I maintain their website. Reading this book. I'm hosting book club next week. The book is GREAT, and I do love my book club ladies. Starting to get ready for my shop opening. The canvases are just about stretched. Time to gesso. And the usual suspects: kids, toys, messes, meals with family, appointments, Cub Scout meetings, soccer practice, playing outside. Life. I'd have to say, Internet, it feels healthy to take this little break from each other. I've needed it. I'll be back. I promise. I just need a little space. {You know I still love you.}