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which, by the way, couldn't have been written more perfectly.redlight.JPG bluelantern.JPG bonfire1.JPG And today is Blog Action Day- the topic is the environment. I hold this topic close to my heart and in the forefront of my mind. So here's a little nugget from me: I honestly believe the single most important thing we can do (especially as Americans) is to consider returning to a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle. Please, please, please- even you, my sweet crafty friends- before you make any single purchase, stop for a moment. Think about WHAT exactly you are buying, WHERE it came from, HOW it was made and is packaged, HOW FAR it came to get to you, and for Pete's sake, IF you really even need it at all... You may be surprised how often you put something back. I know, I know. Some fairly preachy words from a girl who is about to open an online shop! But as we say, Buy Handmade. It really does make a difference. Love to all- now go hug a tree.