the power of granola

someone walked down the stairs and yelled at her daddy, "You don't look at me!"that same someone was angry because she really wanted cereal not waffles. NO! CEREAL! someone else calmly tried to explain we were out of cereal without losing his cool. that same someone tried to toast waffles only to find that the toaster is dead. a third someone had a meltdown because he never has to get dressed before he eats. Never. that same someone slumps over his oatmeal because he didn't get to stir in the brown sugar himself. a fourth someone, who last night boiled a chicken carcass, carrots, onion and celery for hours, woke up to a pot of spoiled, cold broth forgotten on the stove top. that same someone banged around the pots as she poured the valuable broth down the sink. granola1.JPG What to do now? Sigh. Hug the two that have to leave. Promise to shake, shake, shake homemade butter with the boy as soon as he gets home. Snuggle the girl on the porch and wave goodbye. Cancel walking plans. Stay in the jammies. Hang out at home to paint all day (me) and make messes (her). And make Stephanie's granola. Seriously- the smell alone can heal the worst day.