thank you. truly.

I am over the moon with the response to my shop! You have all been so sweet and encouraging. Thank you. And double thank you to those of you who purchased something. You sure know how to make a girl feel good. Your packages will ship today- Enjoy!paintingpumpkins.JPG If there's anything left that you're interested in, you better go snatch it up. I'm planning on pulling the remaining items off this Friday. Everything has been spoken for by family, that is, IF it doesn't sell online. Of course I'd rather it all sells, so go for it! : ) hazel.JPG I'm scheduling the next update for Wednesday, November 7th. I want to have some more paintings and other ready-to-ship items to offer, but I'm also going to include the custom baby dolls for "pre-order". I'll explain when the time comes. tools.JPG These photographs are from a pumpkin carving party we attended Saturday night. I didn't carve one- we just helped J carve his. But after seeing how serious everyone was, I'm already scheming for next year. (Have I ever mentioned that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday? Well, it is.) favpumpkin.JPG spookyghost.JPG Have a great (spooky) week!