thursday is better than wednesday

Here we are on update day yet again, with less than I anticipated. An unexpected Royally Crappy Day® fell upon us yesterday, and instead of finishing up the last Simple Bird and sewing some wintry Little Girlie Purses assembly line style, we (N and I) spent the morning, the entire morning, in the pediatrician's office. No worries though. She's fine- She really is. Other than the coughing, you wouldn't even know the kid has a bug. Happy as a lark, this one.


I'm taking my cues from her. I'm turning it around today: coffee. baking pumpkin bread. tidying up. music. I'll just add the last bird painting and the little bags sometime soon. (I'll let you know.) But, please go check out the Shop after 11 am anyway. There are Baby Dolls to order, two Simple Birds (Emily gets dibs on the cardinal), and one remaining Artist Tote. I hope you see something you like. Any holiday gift contenders in there? If you have any questions, please email me. Pricing this handmade stuff is such a pickle- especially these dolls. I need them to be worth my time, but not seem too expensive. I know if you've ever sold any art or craft, you know what I'm talking about.

And you know what? My sweet mother-in-law is coming this weekend to wrangle children so Brian and I can finally paint our bedroom. It's been in-process for at least 6 months now. Then I'll finally get to hang my newphotographs. I'll be taking a little blog break until Tuesday to scrape, spackle, sand and paint, decorate and hang. Weeeee! Thank you in advance if purchase something. And have a wonderful weekend! Hugs to you all.