ice day


It's ice storming here. Our temps have been hovering just above 32º F, so for us it's been mostly rain. Some of our neighbors to the north have not been as lucky. Stay home, local friends. Feels like a good day to "call in tired" to me. I had a bad day yesterday filled with nasty things like multiple furnace repair men, a cut knuckle and several band-aids, a demanding toddler, a mechanic who utters the forbidden T word about my dead station wagon. Sigh.

BUT school has been canceled today. We're all still in our jammies, except for poor daddy- be careful, Brian. We love you- and we've made plans to paint gift tags and bake gingerbread. And sit at the window to listen for the smoosh of big chunks of slushy ice falling and not the much scarier crack of tree limbs. (knock, knock, knock on this pressed wood substance that is the top of my desk.) Today may just redeem yesterday.

Stay safe and warm. Please.