saint lucia dinner

candlelight dinner
saint lucia bread

To me, this isn't the right forum for discussing religion. In my little corner of the internet I'd rather celebrate our common goals and interests without alienating anyone. With that said, you may have figured out that we're not particularly religious. BUT I so admire those of you with strong faith and tradition, and we've been slowly trying to create some rituals and traditions that work for our little family. I decided we should try a special dinner on Saint Lucia Day. This feast day falls on one of our darkest days of the year, and honoring this part of our season by coming together over the warmth of a big meal and candlelight feels right.

was said to be kind, devoted, and generous. This is, of course, a hugely simplified description, but those are attributes we can all value, no matter our religious persuasion. I had a vision of us sitting down enjoying the evening, all relaxed and twinkly, and it went a decidedly different direction: one child moaned about a tummy ache, one fidgeted and complained, there were two unavoidable phone calls regarding the buying and selling of used cars. In the end we did eat a nice meal of veggie chili with all the fixings, fruit, and a pretty loaf of St. Lucia bread. So all in all, it wasn't terrible. I think it's a tradition we can grow into; I just need to set aside my grand expectations.

p.s. Lovely weekending to you all.