happy holiday time


I love these deer. They're old. Probably as old as I am. Their plastic-y dime store glory pleases me a lot. I swiped them from my parent's Christmas box last weekend. Thanks, Mom.

It's officially winter break. J climbed in bed with me this morning and said, "Thursday is N's day at school, and I'm supposed to be at school, so if we were both at school, you'd have some quiet time, wouldn't you?" Uh huh.

No quiet time for me. It's ok. I'm ready for some holiday fun with my family. They seem to be adjusting to this down time quite well already. Thanks for all the advice on the camera. I *think* after your help and a call to the Canon help line, that I have narrowed it down to the card reader. Thankfully, that's the cheapest problem to remedy. Woo hoo! After tomorrow I'll be signing off for the holidays. (It appears that I changed my mind about keeping quiet this week...)