hello, 2008

a year of moments

Canceling our plans for New Year's Eve (just good friends and dinner) was disappointing. My little guy was coughing so hard he nearly vomited, and that's not the kind of love you want to share. So we ate pizza- just the four of us- and toasted with sparkling grape juice. I toasted to our blessings, Brian to a wonderful 2008, N toasted to Mickey Mouse (?!?!) and the cougher didn't want to toast. Sharing their favorite memory, J told me "the beach" and N said, "playing at the lake." Those are some of my favorites too.

But there are so many small, wonderful, everyday moments I don't want to forget either. All of these photos remind me of some really big and really small good things from the last year. (Thank the internet gods for Flickr.) As it always does, the turning of the calendar has me cleaning out closets and setting goals. But my biggest wish for this year is not only to have many perfect big and small moments, but to have the wisdom to revel in them while they're happening. Bring it on, 2008.

Oh, and in his typical fashion, J woke up New Year's Day with hardly the trace of a cough. Stinker.