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ice puddle

I've been having prints made of some of my photographs, hunting for a high quality yet affordable option. So far, I think is the contender, but it would be nice to find someone local. I'll let you know how it goes. Any suggestions?

Heather sent me the two prints in the foreground. They are beautiful. Thank you, friend! And thank you ALL for visiting the Noticing Project and for leaving us such supportive comments. Heather has done a thank you post of her own today, and she links to a bunch of you who have mentioned us. It is so flattering and uplifting. This all couldn't have come at a better time. This time of year is notoriously difficult for me, yet I feel like I have new eyes. This morning I was dashing out to the recycling bin to snatch out a coupon before the trash guys get it, saw the incredible pattern in a frozen puddle, and had to run back in for the camera. I couldn't help laugh at myself in my jammies, robe and old slippers squatting down in the drive way. A bright spot this blustery morning already. AND quite the entertainment for the morning commuters.

The retrieved coupon is for Hobby Lobby. I really shouldn't, but I'm off this morning for some new acrylics. I have some paintings to begin, and I do believe it is time for an upgrade. Hopefullly Liquitex is a step in the right direction. That's it, kids. Have a great weekend! And to some of you lovelies- see you tomorrow...