happy weekending, you guys

feeling the neutrals

Good morning, everyone! Photo-less posts depress me, so here are a few pretty pictures from others. Please click through to Flickr to see the credits. And while you're enjoying their neutral-palleted loveliness, I have a few quick things to mention. First, please let me say how happy we BOTH are with your response to our Noticing Project. We are having great fun, and it is so gratifying that you are responding so positively. It's thrilling actually. Links and mentions have been popping up all over our little bloggy-world. Thank you from the bottom of my extremely happy heart.

Second, it appears that Shari is leading a winter whites photography/arts week next week and I'm all over that one. Therefore you may just be seeing double the photos from me all week. I'm terribly behind, and ideas are bursting out of the top of my head, which makes it all the more difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand: Laundry. Making the bed. Preparing birthday party treats. So this challenge is very timely. If I comment less on your sites too, forgive me. I REALLY need to keep myself on task. OK?

Third, to my local peeps, stay warm and cozy this weekend!!! Yikes! 3 degrees is not enough.