she's three

her bug cake

She's a happy girl. She had her (family) party and opened her gifts, blew out her three candles and ate yummy chocolate cake. Really yummy. Our family favorite, but we only make it a few times a year. It makes all the other cakes feel bad. It is Black Magic Cake. The coffee makes it deliciously moist. But it's the frosting that makes this one to die for. Sooooooooo good, like two sticks of butter good.

And because a few of you asked, here's the recipe.

Fluffy White Frosting: Cook five tablespoons flour and one cup milk over low heat until VERY thick, whisking constantly to avoid lumps. Cool COMPLETELY. This is the crucial step. Let it cool for an hour or two. I'm serious. I have had several batches go south because I rushed this step. When it goes south like that, the frosting looks like curdled milk. Cream one cup room temperature butter or stick margarine (butter is better) with one cup sugar. Beat for several minutes. Beat in one tbsp. vanilla and beat a few more minutes. Add the flour mixture in and whip until light and fluffy. Be patient here too. Sometimes you have to whip for a bit.

Good luck and enjoy!