february first, again

as far as I got

I promised handmade somethings to share, but the plan was foiled. Feverish and coughing his way around the house, the boy was home from school for two days. He's better now, though the cough still sounds low in his chest. And this morning a certain someone else, tinier and in pink pj's, is coughing. Winter. Blah.

February first. Cold and gray. Here we go again (except I'm not going to post everyday.) I have several paintings in beginning stages, ideas for some shop surprises, a mural painting job this weekend. I'm working on six custom ordered baby dolls: three blonds, two brunettes, and a red head. And always taking the photographs. Always. Oooo... and the quilting bee starts this month. I'm trying to head off the sinking winter feeling by keeping busy. Think it'll work?

To get your mind off my annoying whining and lack of fun things to show you, here are seven random things about me (tagged by Lauren and Heather, way back when.) I did this one once before. I'm not that interesting. This is hard.

1. I love bacon. A LOT.

2. I hate laundry. A LOT! I bet there are 10 loads down there to be done right now. At our old house when he was still a baby, J rolled right down the stairs to our basement. It was scary, but I swear the giant pile of laundry on the bottom landing saved him. ; )

3. I love wine and coffee. But I don't know a thing about either. Cheap wine tastes fine to me, and we borrowed a French press from my mom to try it out. It was annoying. I gave it back.

4. I have a poetry phobia. I try. I really do. It just makes me feel dumb. (Any suggestions? Mary Oliver is lovely, but she tends to lean towards the religious, which intimidates me even more.)

5. We are very environmental, but I really cannot limit my hot shower. I don't have the will power in the morning.

6. I don't bite my nails, but I pick at my cuticles all of the time.

7. Things I aspire to be but probably never will: a runner. a Buddhist. an organic farmer. an architect. a neat freak. stylish.


Enough about me. How are you all doing this February first?