anyone need a hand?


Ba dum bum. It's a bouquet of baby doll arms. Get it? Ok, sorry. A few baby dolls ship in a day or two, and one blond will head to the shop after all- maybe next week. I'll let you know. I got tons of paperwork and accounting done this weekend. It always surprises me that my (very!) small business can be so complicated to keep straight. But it is done, and a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. Now we tackle the taxes, which of course, is not a complicated proposition at all. (wink.) The rest of the weekend was filled with exactly what we all needed: french toast, tickle fights, smoked ribs and pasta salad, a little painting, some sewing, pancakes, a little Rufus Wainwright. Maybe morethan a little. Brian is sick of him, but I'm addicted. We have a busy week ahead of us- good busy- but words from me may still be scant. Happy Monday Morning!!