stack #3

stack of poetry

See, I had this (sort of) snappy idea to post stacks of things this week- things I've been working on or that are cluttering up this house of ours, but I've already messed it up. You'll have to take my word for the first couple of stacks.

Stack # 1: (this is where you imagine the clever photo of me balancing a tower packages.) A tall stack of parcels is off. One contained a pair baby dolls. One was a little surprise that I've had for months. One was the most recent Noticing Project print order off to Heather. Molly and Veronica, are you reading? Your prints will be coming to you soon.

Stack # 2: (insert another imaginary photograph here.) The best thrift store haul I've scored in a long time. A huge stack of clothes for the kids, a great pair of boots for myself, a handmade scarf, it goes on.. all for under twenty bucks!

Stack #3: FINALLY, a photo. Poetry! I am LOVING it. I made a list of your suggestions and reluctantly dragged my feet to my library. Surprising enough, this stack has me completely distracted. I can sit and read for quite awhile or I can pick through and read for just a moment, ponder, and move on, but before long it calls me back. Who knew? Well, you all did, didn't you? I'm reading poetry aloud to Brian (thank goodness he's not the kind of guy that finds it completely annoying) for Pete's sake. I've requested a bunch more from the library too. Thank you, thank you! I'm really getting it.

That's all of the stacks for today. There will be more... maybe.