stack #4, stack #5

where y'at swap
virtual quilting bee

I'm back today with more stacks. Stack #4: The Where Y'at? Swap stuff ready to send. "It's only a little late," she says with a nervous giggle. (um, that would be three. yes, three. months. late.) Rachel says y'all are going to add me to a top-secret-crafty-swap blacklist. She's probably right. All of the wonderful photos I received are pinned up in various places around the house, but Dominique made a Flickr set of all of them. Thanks, ladies, if you're reading. I'm soooo sorry. Stack #5: The fabrics I've picked out for Jennifer's month of the Virtual Quilting Bee. Tonight's the night. I swear, on all that is good in this world, that I WILL finish this on time. Hopefully. ; )