green week: 5

green, day 5

A green mug of coffee (mug inherited from Brian's grandmother) and a green boy (sensitive tummy inherited from his mommy.) My mother used to say, "Are you ok? You look green around the gills." Now I know exactly what she meant. He hasn't thrown up, but every once in awhile the pink drains completely from his cheeks, a terrible green pallor replaces it and I can just tell his tummy is flip-flopping again. Poor sweet thing. It's snowing today, so I'm setting aside my longing for Spring and going with it. We're camped out on the couch watching movies, reading books and I've got plans to make homemade chicken noodle soup. Hopefully the rest and soup will mend him because he has some plans tomorrow! (hint: there's a weigh-in tonight. Hee hee.) Happy weekend, friends~ Stay well.