we're all back, thank goodness

too rainy

Hello! Hello! Thank you, everyone. You are all so kind to lend an ear and a get-well wish. Wellness has returned. We're back- back to laughing, drawing, playing, working on projects, sleeping well, cooking, eating. What a relief. After a loooong evening in the Urgent Care clinic, poor little N was diagnosed with rotavirus. That is bad. Don't get that. She's better now and it seems she's trying to make up for lost calories. It's 9:45 am and she's had two bowls of cereal, two sweet rolls, a granola bar, and a pear. And she just said, "Is it lunchtime yet?" I had cobbler and coffee. Yum.

There's no school this week for Spring Break. It's too rainy for the St. Patrick's Day parade, so we're here at home listening to the sporadic thunder and planning some indoor activities.


I have two shop announcements: Heather and I are planning a Welcome Spring sale in the Noticing Project Shop starting this Wednesday. Think rock-bottom, last chance pricing. We hope you'll stop in. Also I will be having a (very) small Shop Mayfly update this Thursday about noon. There will be one blond baby doll in there if you're interested.


Have a great week!